All About Zee

Well, that was supposed to be my blog name! Unfortunately, it was taken by many, many users.

Anyway, let me introduce myself.

My name is Zeinab & everyone, including my boss, calls me Zee. I’m half Lebanese & half Filipina. My dad’s ancestors go all the way back to AL-Hijaz, KSA & mom’s grandfather is Chinese. I am currently based in Doha, Qatar.

The reason why I truly fell in love with my blog name Zee in Wonderland is because for as long as I can remember, I’ve always lived in my own world. You can always catch me daydreaming when the conversation gets too boring. Over the years I learned how to hide this from everyone around me. So technically, you think I care BUT I really don’t.

Enough about the works of brain! Let’s find out what this blog is all about!!

  • Coffee & Food Bliss

I mean, come on. All I do is eat. It’s a heavenly miracle I don’t weigh 200 pounds!

People say yolo when raising a glass of wine or dancing the night away at a club or while jumping from an airplane. I say that when i’m about to have my second slice of double fudge chocolate Hershey’s cake with ice cream on the side. Two scoops please.  Whenever I see a colleague or a friend holding back because of some stupid diet craze, I feel sad. Really sad. Why? Because life is too short and we only Live it once. ONCE!

And Coffee. I can never live without coffee! Everyday I should have a minimum of 2 shots of espresso! I also have the addiction to try every single coffee outlet around me and taste their unique offerings.

I always tell them my favorite phrase. The one you just read. Life. Is. too. Short.

Just click on the icon above “Coffee & Food Bliss” for all my coffee and food, you got that right, bliss.

  • Fashion Styles 


1.  I love fashion.

2.  People love my style for some crazy unidentifiable reason!

3.  I am hijabi.I.e. A muslim who wears hijab. A headscarf. A mandeel. A sheel. A turban… You know where I’m heading.

You can find all my fashion ideas, details on my new outfits, and many other related topics in the icon above “Fashion Styles”.

  • Skin Love

I will also discuss my favorite skin care and make up products. You don’t have to follow my routine because obviously there 7 billion types of skin types out there but it can inspire you to take care of your skin and maybe step into the world of makeup or even try a new product. Find all that in the icon “Skin Love”.

  • All About Zee

This category is specifically made for me to rant and rant and rant. It includes facts about myself, thoughts on certain subjects, and updates on my life. Interested? Click on the icon “All About Zee”

  • Lifestyle Randoms

I love reading books and although I haven”t been able to do so recently due my hectic work schedule, I still try my best to squeeze in a few chapters. So expect book reviews in this category. In addition, as I gain more blogging experience, I will be adding more posts on general lifestyle tips whether it be about travel, life in Qatar, holiday ideas, organizational tips, and  many others. Click on “Lifestyle Randoms” for all that.

  • Being a girl boss

For as I can remember, I always had a main goal: become a business owner. I also remember that back in the day, all I got were smirks and unspoken irony and now look at me, I am just at chapter one, and I already own a cafe in the Philippines (which hasn’t been easy at all) and I just launched a pilot styling program that involves creating positive confidence from a current wardrobe thus finding pieces that better suit our clients’ personality and body type. Find out more at the icon “Being a girl boss”

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