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Fashiozeesta Tip #4: Fall/Winter 2016 Trends & Colors

Winter just started in Qatar! So I’ll be covering this topic a little too late but never too late 🙂 The colors of AW 2016 is all about audacity and boldness. From tartan & bubblegum pink to couture red. From biker & military to pleats! Below are my favorites from this year’s Autumn Winter 2016 collection.


Flower print is back. When is it ever gone? It keeps coming back with bolder more colorful patterns that match this season’s edgy look. When buying a flower print item, try to keep the rest of clothing print free and minimal.



The biker jacket is revisiting us this season. This time its vintage,  edgier, and more feminine. Styles range from being etched by flowers (Gucci), or vintage jewelry (Alexander McQueen), or diamante (Saint Laurent). It’s now feeling like a need for me to buy each and every jacket up there 😦



This trend is very interesting to me & I’m really loving it. Everything from the pie-crust collars to leg of mutton sleeves and puffed shoulders. The Victorian style is the new eccentric. I not usually a fan of velvet but with a dash of Victoriana, it looks classy and edgy at the same time.



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Tartan is also another AW trend I’m liking. I love how the designers are mixing up the colors and creating beautiful patterns that are derivatives from the usual tartan. Definitely on my shopping list!



There are two things to know about the military look: it could make you look cool or it can make you look like you’re trying hard to fit into an imaginary runway. The key here is balance and your personal style. I cannot tell you how to wear this look as it solely depends on what you think is suitable for you. You could wear it really casually that it is barely there or you could go all Beyonce!



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I am reallllly loving this for two reasons:

  1. Throwback to childhood! The 90s is back, baby! I remember wearing so many outfits just like that as a preteen! Can’t wait to wear this look again!
  2. Very suitable outfit for hijabis!



Another yay! factor for me. Whether it is a pleated skirt matched with a sweater or a pleated top, I am excited for both. You can wear the sweater tucked in or over the skirt. Whatever! Who cares if you look boxy as so long as you look stylish and awesome with a twist of girly.



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Everyone is going crazy over this color from Chanel, to Dolce & Gabbana, to Gucci!

To break the summerish color, it is worn with glitter, knit, crochet & all things winter. Another trend on my definite list since I am infamous for loving pink!

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