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Magical Festival Village

For the second in a row the Magical Festival Village is back!

It’s been going on for a while but I finally got a chance to blog about it today. They are currently operational until the end of this month.

What I loved about this year’s event is how rich it is compared to last year. The decoration is very inspirational, the design and organization are impeccable (last year was a mess), and the food and retail shops are much more interesting (& delicious!)

Additionally, this year, there are rides for children, young adults, and crazy adults (like myself) to enjoy. There is also a live shows; check out their website

The major addition this year is the castle!!!! Last year’s castle was hilariously disappointing. It was made of carton? and it was only built for pictures-taking. This year, there is actually a cafe inside: The Alice Cafe. I haven’t tried it yet due to personal issues but it is on my list before they close for business!!!!

Below are some pictures to encourage you to visit the venue before time runs out!!!!  And again, I am not trying to prove myself as a photographer 🙂



Here are some photos from their official Instagram page:

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