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My Battle with the Sun

Living in the middle of the desert can be challenging. Well, it is challenging. I’ve grown to fall in love with Qatar and its lifestyle. However, the only thing that I never got adjusted to was the heat and its drastic effects on my skin. Currently, I have three skin tones: The real one, the tan that won’t go away, & the permanent hand tan. Nope. Not funny.

To rectify the damage, I follow several skin care preventive measures:

1- Vitamins: Vitamin E pills to be specific. I use a brand from back home in the Philippines that works for me.

2- Sunscreens and lotions: on face, on hands, on feet, on everything! I also recently bought a lotion that serves as a sunscreen and a skin tone neutralizer by Vaseline. It was recommended by an Arab influencer whose opinion I trust. I’ve been using it for a month now, and yes, it has helped in reviving my original skin tone in some areas.

Vaseline Even Tone

3- Water: Lots and lots of water. I don’t drink sodas nor juices but I do binge on water.

4- Staying Indoors: I am always hanging out in malls during the scorching heat (as if I have any other choice!) Good for the skin; bad – very bad – for the pocket.

5- Moisturizing: Morning and night. I made a of habit of moisturizing my face and body every morning and every night before heading to bed. I use products also from the Philippines which I’ve found to be very compatible with my skin.

A Bonne Milk Powder Lotion

Myra E Hydrating Facial Moisturizer

6-  Makeup with SPF: During the summer days, I make sure to use foundations with SPF  30 and above. The one I’m currently using is Dior’s Forever. It is recommended for oily skin.

Dior’s Forever Foundation

Do YOU have any tips for surviving the cruel sun rays? Let me know in the comments below!



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