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a little less kindness.. a little more judgment

Yes, you read the title right….

Unfortunately, as much as I work hard on leading a positive and kind life, I am constantly faced with negativity and judgment.

For as far as I can remember, I have always been judged for who I am, for how I look, for the way I dress, for the way I speak, for my mentality, for my personality, for my capabilities, and for my decision making process. Even my closest friends and family feed off the pleasure of judging every word I speak or every item of clothing I wear.

The result? Low self esteem and much much later in life, the power to turn it all around into an extremely confident, positive, happy life.

Yes, I admit, I used to also be an extremely judgmental person as well during my young adult years, however, I worked hard on myself and learned to keep my mouth shut if it wants to utter unkind words. It is difficult. I am not perfect.

Recently, when trying to be compassionate and empathetic to a friend, I was immediately judged into being an idiot and was kindly advised to mind my own business…. What a disappointing world we have come to. I wasn’t mad or upset by her unkind words, I was rather forced to remind myself that no one will completely understand your intentions but yourself. Trying to help with words has, unfortunately, become a nuisance.

The whole point of this post if you’ve come across it is to NEVER respond to judgment with unkindness. No matter what, it is very important to protect your peace of mind. To do that, always be kind. No matter what, do not mirror negative thoughts, actions, and words.

We all need a little more kindness & and a lot less judgment.



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