My 2017 Fashion Story

I know I am way past the regular deadline of 2017 roundup but regardless, I still want to share this post with you. I will be highlighting three 2017 fashion stories.

First, I will start with my favorite outfit pictures of 2017. Then, I will be highlighting the unique and different styles that I wore during 2017. Lastly, I will be sharing my most lovable outfits of 2017.



This is hands down my favorite picture someone took of me, ever! I mean, this is postcard material! From Turkey, with love.


I loved this because, it’s a happy one. It wasn’t a fake laugh but a genuine one. The story behind it is that I was trying to take a serious pose but one of my friends made a sarcastic remark thus creating this random one.


I intentionally took a picture next to one of Sugar & Spice’s doors because they are so picturesque. And the result? now everyone knows how short I am 🙂


This is also a photo that was among many other burst shots. I wonder what I was thinking about at that particular second? And no, I wasn’t trying to showoff an engagement ring as some thought. Disclaimer: This girl is in a relationship with her business (to share later).


I mean, oh happy picture?

Not sure if this is a good photo or a really funny one. Still, a 2017 favorite.


This is to share the styles that I thought I would not wear or the styles that others found it interesting:


Two words: Unicorn scarf 🙂


Those bright shoes! I remember I once wore those to work and I received compliments from not only my co workers, also from students and the director himself.


I am not a fan of fur but I felt stylish this day in particular. I remember only wearing it one other time during the whole year. Well, the weather doesn’t help either right?


Maxi dresses. I wore a lot of them during 2017 and I shall continue to do so in 2018. Just because they are easy to wear and comfortable.


Turbans. No, I will not be discussing why I chose to wear them. I have a whole blog post draft prepared for that which I am not ready to share yet.


I will let the photo speak for themselves 🙂

Have a happy 2018 everyone 🙂



Where do I shop for modest clothing in Qatar?

If I’ve had a riyal for every time someone asked me this question, I’d be a millionaire. Literally. I actually shop from different places depending on my mood, location, and mood. (yes, mood). and I also shop from where you shop from as well 🙂

So, I thought I’d share with you the three high street shops I buy my clothes from the most. They are Riva, Zara, and Mango (easy, right?)


I fell in love with this shop when I came to Qatar. I always struggled finding modest hijabi clothing and this was a jackpot. I love their clothes, style, and fabric. I am a petite girl and some of their clothing could be a taaaad larger than life for me but with smart choices and good tailoring everything can be fixed. Here are some inspirations:

riva 177riva360riva 275

Shop Riva & at Mall of Qatar, DFC, Ezdan Mall, and Lagoona Mall



I’m not sure if I’m the only one here but hasn’t Zara improved their aesthetic? I love their new vibe and style. More modest, classy, and wider selections. I used to buy just a piece out of the whole store. Now I walk out with a huge shopping bags; sometimes more. Below are some inspirations:

zara 169zara 179zara 249

Shop Zara at and almost all malls across Qatar



Honestly speaking, I used to hate shopping at this place. Their clothes were tacky made of horrible materials. The section I used to shop at was their accessories. However, I’ve been loving their collections since late last year. The fabrics are no longer cheap and their clothing styles have become more feminine. My favorites are below:

mango 239mango 299mango blue 299

Shop Mango at and almost all malls across Qatar

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Last Minute NYE Outfit Ideas – For those who just realized NYE is just around the corner

Why do I feel like it was just December 30, 2015!!! How the &^%# is it already December 30, 2016 !!!

Anyways, here are last minute NYE looks for y’all who just realized NYE is less than 48 hours away.


If you’re just too busy (or lazy) to stress about what to wear for NYE, just go for the monochrome. It is classy, easy to wear, and very compatible with NYE’s motif. Below are outfit ideas for the lazy, the chic, and the hijabi.

Lady in Red

I am one quarter Chinese. So, of course I adore the color red 🙂 I am sure everyone of us have a red outfit in their closets. Below are some inspirational looks for a last minute NYE party:

Velvet Luxe

I am not a huge fan of Velvet. However, if worn wisely, it can instantly transform a dull outfit. For example, in the first picture below, the color choice is smart. In the second, it was used as a coat and in the third picture, I mean come on, those pumps are so sexy!

Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle!

Even if an event comes up out of nowhere, a lady should always make a statement with her look. In this case, why not shimmer all the way! There are several stages of shimmering beauty: Stage One, just a simple sparkle; Stage Two, all the way high shine tunic; Stage Three, designer baby!

I hope you enjoyed, and liked, my ideas.

Have a fabulous NYE and an awesome 2017, everyone ❤


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Fashiozeesta Tip #4: Fall/Winter 2016 Trends & Colors

Winter just started in Qatar! So I’ll be covering this topic a little too late but never too late 🙂 The colors of AW 2016 is all about audacity and boldness. From tartan & bubblegum pink to couture red. From biker & military to pleats! Below are my favorites from this year’s Autumn Winter 2016 collection.


Flower print is back. When is it ever gone? It keeps coming back with bolder more colorful patterns that match this season’s edgy look. When buying a flower print item, try to keep the rest of clothing print free and minimal.



The biker jacket is revisiting us this season. This time its vintage,  edgier, and more feminine. Styles range from being etched by flowers (Gucci), or vintage jewelry (Alexander McQueen), or diamante (Saint Laurent). It’s now feeling like a need for me to buy each and every jacket up there 😦



This trend is very interesting to me & I’m really loving it. Everything from the pie-crust collars to leg of mutton sleeves and puffed shoulders. The Victorian style is the new eccentric. I not usually a fan of velvet but with a dash of Victoriana, it looks classy and edgy at the same time.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tartan is also another AW trend I’m liking. I love how the designers are mixing up the colors and creating beautiful patterns that are derivatives from the usual tartan. Definitely on my shopping list!



There are two things to know about the military look: it could make you look cool or it can make you look like you’re trying hard to fit into an imaginary runway. The key here is balance and your personal style. I cannot tell you how to wear this look as it solely depends on what you think is suitable for you. You could wear it really casually that it is barely there or you could go all Beyonce!



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am reallllly loving this for two reasons:

  1. Throwback to childhood! The 90s is back, baby! I remember wearing so many outfits just like that as a preteen! Can’t wait to wear this look again!
  2. Very suitable outfit for hijabis!



Another yay! factor for me. Whether it is a pleated skirt matched with a sweater or a pleated top, I am excited for both. You can wear the sweater tucked in or over the skirt. Whatever! Who cares if you look boxy as so long as you look stylish and awesome with a twist of girly.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Everyone is going crazy over this color from Chanel, to Dolce & Gabbana, to Gucci!

To break the summerish color, it is worn with glitter, knit, crochet & all things winter. Another trend on my definite list since I am infamous for loving pink!

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Fashiozeesta Tip #3: Color Pop Vs Pastel

I’ve always been popular among my friends for being colorful. I always wear something bright even if I’m in all black. I guess it just reflect my bubbly (not always) personality.

My tip this time is even if you’re wearing a mildly colorful dress, don’t be afraid at a little of extra color because why not??

I observe a lot of girls who prefer wearing darker colors with pastel. That ruins the whole point on “popping” the pastel. Try to opt for a bright color that catches everyone’s eye; that makes everyone stop and ask where you got your shoes, dress, or scarf from. See that pair of shoes up there? I always wear it with pastel clothing and every single time I wear it, people notice & compliment my whole outfit.

In conclusion, learn how to balance colors. Too less is boring & too much is tasteless.



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Fashiozeesta Tip #2: Shoes + Bag =NO

Hello Sunshines!

I’m back again with yet another Fashiozeesta tip.

This time my focus will be on a controversial issue in the fashion world! The subject that separates the ideologies of the fashion industry and is one of the most discussed norm in the world of bloggers, fashion influencers, and aspiring fashionistas. SHOULD SHOES & BAGS MATCH IN COLOR?

(I hope you sensed my sarcasm up there because you should sense that in a lot of a my blog posts!!)

Personally, I don’t encourage it. Why? I find it so tacky, predictable, and boring.

As you can see above, I matched my shoes to my hijab! & my bag was completely different. When styling an outfit, try your best to make it as unique to your personality as possible.

Even the hijab, it doesn’t have to match your outfit. It should make it look more stylish & presentable.

Until next time sweeties 🙂



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Fashiozeesta Tip #1: Don’t be afraid to mismatch

Sharing my first look on my blog!

This post, and many more to come, will focus on my personal style.

This topic will be about my #1 rule in styling: Don’t be afraid to mismatch.

In this outfit, not one color or print matches. I mixed print with a tee with a blue bag with sneakers that were black and red!

I rarely wear statement t-shirts but sometimes, on a weekend, especially when you’re about to say goodbye to summer, it doesn’t hurt 🙂

I also always prefer wearing bright tops with lighter shades of jeans. It makes your look more attractive and appealing to others.

Can’t wait to share more outfits with you!